Koostööpartnerid - post nr 3

Perefirma, kes tegutseb Belgias, toodab enda postkaardid vanaaegase trükimasinaga käsitsi. Kogu ettevõtmine on siiani veel kodu seinte vahel ja selline kiiks annab nende ettevõtmistele kuidagi väga mõnusa, sooja ja ehtsa tunde. Seda on tunda lausa käega katsudes, sest isegi nende kasutatav kartong on eriline. 

Nüüd saate lugeda, kuidas nad ise ennast (läbi kiiksulike küsimuste) kirjeldavad.

1. How and why was your company / product born?

Our company was born around the time our first son was born, circa 2014. Not a great timing, hihihi. Or maybe it was? We took our baby with us to visit our first selling points, and maybe him being such a cutie made our first customers buy a lot of our cards :).

We started designing, printing and selling letterpress cards because Joachim during that time was a photographer at 30+ weddings each year. And of course those newly weds made little babies as well. And they turned to Joachim to design a birth announcement (which is a big deal in Belgium). So Joachim, being a photographer but not a father yet, did not want to take pictures of little babies, he was not into babies at all before he became a father. However he had seen some beautiful cards made in letterpress from the USA and he was more interested in making these kind of cards: more hands on instead of digital (which photography is these days), getting your hands dirty.  Yeah. So he bought this huge and very old second hand printing machine from the fifties, which later became known as ‘Heidi the Heidelberg’.  Jolien, being pregnant and hormonal, did not approve of this at all since we did not even know if the machine could still print! But Joachim reassured her that if he could not fix Heidi, we could always sell her to an iron-merchant and we would get the same amount of money that we paid for her in the first place… A few weeks later, Heidi came to life and printed her first letterpress cards at Studio Flash! Little did we know that she would be printing thousands of them the following years!  

2. Is it nice to work with us?

Yes! We’ve been to Estonia, a long time ago. But we still look back with love to your country. The fact that our cards are sold in such a beautiful shop in Estonia, wow, that really still feels like such an honor for us! We are very proud to work with Kiiks ja Knihv.

3. If you could stop the world for one day tomorrow, what would you do?

Plant trees! We love trees, and try to plant as many of them as possible. Everytime we see a spare piece of land without any trees on it, we’re like: that’s the perfect place for a majestic oak! 

4. If and when do you intend to conquer the world with your products?

Yes, but not in a qualitative sense of the word. We do not want our letterpress cards to be sold at every street corner, we like to have collabs with shops that inspire us and are selective curators of their store. That said: we would like to be sold in every European country and on every continent. Not quiet their yet, but we’re on our way! 

5. What is your childhood nostalgia food?

Definitely French fries with ’stoofvlees’: a typical Belgian beef stew made with Belgian beer.

6. Does Santa believe in God?

Everybody should believe in themselves! :)

7. Batman or dogs?

Batman! For sure.