Cheeky Zebra postkaardid

Pole ammu rääkinud meie koostööpartneritest. Seekord tutvustame Cheeky Zebrat, kelle eesotsas on Sasha, kes enne postkaartide tegemist töötas juristina. 

1. How and why was your company / product born?

I’d always wanted to do something more creative but never knew what, then one day I saw a Facebook ad for some funny cards and thought I could do better than that and that was it!

2. Is it nice to work with us?

I ADORE working with you guys, you were my first ever international stockist! Eva has always been so supportive of our small family business and I adore the stuff you sell. I can’t wait to visit in person!!

3. If you could stop the world for one day tomorrow, what would you do?

If I could stop the world for a day, I’d dance around naked, get bored and go to sleep probably. I realise that’s sucha a boring answer but who doesn’t love extra sleep!

4. If and when do you intend to conquer the world with your products?

I like to think we are getting closer to our dream of world domination each day! I am hoping to hire our first non family member soon which will be a major leap!

5. What is your childhood nostalgia food?

Definitely my Nani’s home made chips and ketchup sandwiches!

6. Does Santa believe in God?

I imagine they both play golf together.

7. Batman or dogs?

Batman forever.