Kes on meie koostööpartnerid?

Käesolev ja mitmed järgnevad postitused on selleks, et tutvustada teile firmasid, kellega koostööd teeme.

Esimesele küsimustikule vastab Nordic Buddies meeskond. Nemad suhtlevad meiega välismaa keeles :). Nordic Buddies on Muumide toodete edasimüüja ehk siis üks meie kõige populaarsema tootesarja esindaja.

1. How and why was your company / product born?

As badass 90s children most of us grew up with that era of animation, comics and characters. There are so many of these amazing brands out there that have this very cool history and story to them. For us one of them was Moomin. So when we got the opportunity to work with them we couldn't say no. When it comes to our brand and products we want our own spin and touch to make a unique look & feel. We want to push our limits and make bold and interesting products. Always trying to find new creative ways to use the original artwork in modern ways, yet keeping the brands (e.g. Moomin) core intact.

2. Is it nice to work with us?

It's so fantastic that I've actually started considering changing my job title to 'Professional Enjoyer of Work with Awesome People Like You.' It's like a daily dose of sunshine mixed with a sprinkle of awesomeness!☀

3. If you could stop the world for one day tomorrow, what would you do?

We'd throw a huge party where everyone and anyone is invited. As in our name you clearly notice the buddy part. We want to spread positive vibes and always have a good time. So instead of being a baddie, be a buddy! 

4. If and when do you intend to conquer the world with your products?

We already are. Steady but slowly ?

 - Currently our products can be found in several stores across the globe and through our website anyone anywhere can order our products. 

5. What is your childhood nostalgia food?

Uuuh, there are so many good ones. Of course this depends who you ask in the team but I'd say a big one was makaronilaatikko aka Macaroni Casserole. But the Finnish way. Look it up ;)

6. Does Santa believe in God?

That's up to him! Personally we have not been invited to his crib so we don't have too many personal stories to tell. But hopefully he'll be our buddy one day. There are a lot of NordicBuddies Christmas presents flying out every year so he should know about us. Maybe he'll join us for our epic party when the world stops for one day.

7. Batman or dogs?

Maybe batdogs? That would be cool, right? For all seriousness I would say we are definitely dog people. Of the top of my head I'd say we have easily over 50% dog owners in our company. They rule the world!